About Fox-Lab

Fox-Lab is a team designing and making custom mechanical keyboards. We started our first Group Buy for Orange TKL on 06/16/2017.

About senter

I’m a PhD student with a focus on neurocomputing and graph neural networks. I bought my first mechanical keyboard, a Cooler Master QuickFire XT, on 05/24/2014 when I was working as an RA in the Institute of Psychology, CAS. My work has nothing to do with this hobby except that I worked on an oscillator neural network (ONN) model that utilized the same mechanism as the crystal oscillators on the keyboard PCBs. Keyboard has now become a part of my life. Every year I look back, I always can realize how much knowledge I’ve got during that year and how ignorant I was in the previous year.

  • My favorite linear switches: ALPS SKCM/SKCL linears, Gateron linears, Cherry vintage black
  • My favorite tactile switches: Topre 45g/55g, Alps SKCM Orange/Salmon
  • My favorite clicky switches: IBM model M, IBM model F
  • My favorite keycap profile: Cherry